Karapan Sapi (Cow Racing)

Karapan Sapi is a term given to the cow racing originating from the island of Madura, East Java. In this race, which attracted such a pair of cows from the wood rail (where the jockey standing and controlling the cow pair) driven in the race to race against other pairs of cattle. The track races are usually about 100 yards and races can last about ten seconds to one minute. Several cities in Madura held cow racing in August and September each year, with the final at the end of September or October in the city competing for the President trophy.
cow racing preceded by pairs of cows parading around the racetrack to the accompaniment of gamelan saronen called Madura. The first round is the determination of the winning and losing groups. The second half is to determine the group winner to lose, being the third round is to determine the group winner wins. President of the trophy given to winners only win the group.

cow racing existed before the XV century AD.
The ORIGIN history of the Karapan Sapi (Cow Racing) based on oral sources was first popularized by Prince Katandur Sapudi originating from the island, Sumenep city during the 13th century. Originally cows used as processing power for fields. to plow the cow work, processing rice field soil, it worked and the barren land was turned into fertile soil.
Seeing the good ideas and bring positive results, of course, village residents followed his prince. Finally the ground all over the island which was originally Sapudi arid, fertile soil that could be planted with rice. And the Results people of Madura can produce their own food
After the harvest, came as an expression of joy for the abundant harvest Prince Ketandur have the initiative to invite people in her village to hold a cattle race.
The area of ​​wetland that has been harvested used for Cow race. Finally, cow racing tradition until now continues to grow and preserved. Only the more popular name is replaced with "Karapan Sapi". For the people of Madura, Karapan Sapi other than as a tradition as well as the party of the people who carried out after successful reaping the harvest of rice or tobacco.
Karapan as the party of the people in Madura has a role in various fields.For example in the field of economics (an opportunity for people to sell), the role of religious magic (ie the specific calculations for the owner of the cow before the match and the presence of certain mantras), the field of fine arts (there is on equipment that has a particular decoration), the arts dance and music art saronen (always changing and evolving).

cow racing is a prestigious event for the people of Madura, the owner of racing will be raised if the social status of the cow can be a champion. Ruminant animals is also used as an investment tool than gold and money. Not surprisingly, when the owners of racing will exert all the efforts to make the cows to be a winner in every season of karapan sapi. Racing from the island Sapudi karapan generally. Since the first, a small island located in the eastern tip of the island of Madura were indeed seeds racing barn.

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