Wakatobi is well known among divers as one of the world's best dive sites

Enchantment under the sea Wakatobi is one of the best in the world. Included in the Wakatobi lies the Coral Triangle World makes this place a paradise for divers. How not, Wakatobi has 750 of the 850 species of coral, different types of coral and sea creatures that have been hard to find in other areas.

Realising a dream to enjoy all the beauty of Wakatobi now it is not difficult. Transportation to Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, available every day. Meanwhile, in the Fragrant-scented, Wakatobi's capital, has been available public transportation, taxis and motorcycle taxis. The total cost required is not too expensive.

To go to Wakatobi, you can choose to use a ship or aircraft. Using ships are cheaper, but take a long time, from Makassar to Wakatobi it takes more than 10 hours. So, put on a plane is a more appropriate choice might make the trip even if you do not like a backpacker.

Currently, flights to the Wangi-wangi, Wakatobi's capital, is available every day. Water Express airlines, flights from Makassar to-scented fragrance once a day, departing from Makassar approximately at 8:00 pm. These flights using small aircraft loaded 30-person and will transit in Bau-bau.

Flight to Makassar can be done with any airline. But, keep in order to arrive several hours before the flight to Wakatobi depart. If you want to be safe, would be better to choose the same flight with the airline. Cost of Jakarta to the Wangi-wangi with Air Express approximately IDR 1.9 million.

Coral reefs at Waha
At Wakatobi you can dive in some of the best places Wakatobi, including Hoga, Waha, Tomia and elsewhere. In a certain dive sites, you can find napoleon fish that size is quite large, including sea hares, starfish variety and certainly diversity corals.

Besides diving and snorkeling, you can also enjoy the attractions of dolphins with Dolphin Watching or view panoramic sunrise and sunset at Hoga, one of the places with the best panoramic views of sunset and sunrise. Seaweed cultivation can also be seen in certain places, especially around Kaledupa and Wangi-wangi.

At night, dark sky also offers a sprinkling of stars. For those who like astronomy, Wakatobi can also be an alternative. In some areas, can still be found Bajo village in the middle of the ocean, despite the growing number of little moment. For the culinary tourist, there are some things to try. You can taste kasuami, the staple food made ​​from cassava is grated, squeezed the water and steamed, usually eaten with fish. There is also a chicken curry and cake karasi Wakatobi. To be sure, a variety of seafood with easy to find. There are people who even eat the octopus.

Well, let's realize the dream to Wakatobi. Enjoy the beauty that was originally only exist in stories or movies. For those who do not like or can not dive, do not be afraid. Snorkeling activity is promising beauty, just make sure the guide remain near you, at least make you continue to feel calm.

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