Teluk Hijau ( Green Bay ) Banyuwangi

Green Bay is a coastal tourism in an area Betiri Meru National Park , Sarongan , Pesanggaran , Banyuwangi . The location is about 90 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi . So named because of the seawater which tend to be colored green . From Banyuwangi town towards south through Kabat , Rogojampi , Srono , Cluring , until arriving at the intersection of four Jajag village , then turn left . Then the riders arrive at an intersection of four . The rider can take a left oblique direction through the village of Desa Seneporejo Sambirejo and then break Kesilir Market . Or take a straight direction ( through the village of Gambiran , Gambiran - Bangorejo Bridge , then turn left towards Pedotan pass Tugu Tani monument Gunungsari and P. Kusno , then arrived at the intersection of four and turn right to arrive at the intersection Pedotan .


The Ngada villages of Desa Guru Sina, Desa Langa, Desa Bela, and Desa Lina Tiwa are nestled between two volcanos, Gunung Inerie and Gunung Deru, in the remote inlands of the island of Flores. These communities are characterized by a distinctive form of vernacular architecture that has survived despite the globalizing forces of the twenty-first century. The number of houses (sa’o) and shrines for male and female ancestors (ngadhu and bhaga) in a given village is determined by the number of clans or families (suku) in the village, and must remain constant over time. The village of Guru Sina, for example, has 27 sa’o. The architecture reflects traditional beliefs, with elements, decorations, and carvings of buffalo, chickens, horses, humans, weaponry, and other forms, each with a specific purpose to protect the inhabitants and ensure a sustainable harmony with the environment, ancestral spirits, and natural forces.