Panaitan Island

Panaitan, is an island located in the west Java Sea, near Ujung Kulon. Between the island of Java Panaitan and bounded by the Strait of Panaitan. Administratively, the island is included in the territory Pandeglang, Banten.

Panaitan hills covered by forests and a wide variety of wild animals, like deer, wild boar, monkey, python snakes and birds.
Several types of freshwater crocodiles and giant lizards can also be found here. One of the high hill known as the Mountain Giant, which found an ancient Hindu statues at its peak.
Panaitan Island coastline is dotted with a wide sandy beach is naturally created some scuba dive sites to enjoy the coral reef and creates great waves for surfers. One of the famous dive spot in this place is a coral reef near Legon Butun batu pitak. However, due to strong currents and other natural factors, diving around the island of Panaitan not recommended for novice divers.

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