Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is an isolated fishing village at the south coast of West Java in the Sukabumi Regency, serves as its capital. It is up to 12 hours' drive from Indonesia's capital Jakarta due to traffic jam in Ciawi, Cicurug, Cibadak and Pelabuhan Ratu gate, whose residents love to visit Teluk Palabuhanratu Bay, once named "Wijnkoopsbaai" by the Dutch. The bay is shaped like a large horseshoe and has enormous waves that can be very treacherous. The Sundanese locals tell that the Indian Ocean is the home of Nyai Loro Kidul who reigns along the south-coast of all Java.
Besides its natural beauty, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is also famous with sea party, which heads away the buffalo and other offerings into the sea. This tradition held by local fishermen every April 5, once a year.
This tradition is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift that has been provided in the form of fish catches. Marine party is usually accompanied by various activities such as social service, competitions, entertainment and performances (puppet, dangdut, bands, dances, etc.). This tradition lasted for 2 days one night. To follow the event is free.

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach attraction is the sea wave conditions quite suitable when used for surfing sports, for the wave height is quite stable. With the water conditions are like that, then at the beach surfing there are few places frequented by tourists, namely Stone Guram, Karang Sari, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Seven Waves, and Edge Tile. Some places are crowded surf tourists precisely in May to October, when the high tide conditions.

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