Sate Bandeng (milkfish sate)

Trips to Banten feels incomplete if they do not taste the delicious sate bandeng, one of the typical food in Banten. For foodies, food that this one will give an experience to enjoy different foods and dishes. In addition to the savory taste, the food will also provide its own surprises for the new feel. Because we will not be bothered with bones that are usually.

These foods have entered local government as one of the typical regional dishes. In some tourist brochures are made of Tourism and Culture (Disbudpar) Banten and Disbudpar Serang, sate bandeng(milkfish) serve as areas that are considered food menus can be an attraction for tourists.

Until now, there are still many people who make sate bandeng as one of their diet. Even on holiday celebrations or wedding receptions for the people of Banten, this diet must be a kind of menu to be presented at the dinner table. No one knows for sure, since when did this one diet exists. However, based on some people, food is the brainchild of the Sultan of Banten who want to serve food from fish to the guests without having to bother the royal guests in separating fish bones.

very easy for tourists who want to try this food. A number of restaurants around the tourist area of ​​Anyer, Cilegon, and many downtown Serang serving as the flagship of this diet. For tourists who want to buy them as souvenirs, in a number of stalls can mendapatkanya providers souvenirs typical of Banten, such as around Kemang Fruit Market, Serang, which is near the toll booth east of Serang. Foods that can last 3 to 4 days is very suitable as a side dish of food. To better enjoy it, this one food should be eaten while still warm.

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