The Culture of Talang Mamak Tribe

Talang Mamak tribe belonging to the Proto Malay (Melayu Tua) who is a native tribe Indragiri Hulu with the title "Suku Tuha" which means the first tribe to come and have more right over natural resources in Indragiri Hulu.

From Pagaruyung

There are two versions of the existence of Talang Mamak tribe. According to Assistant Resident Obdeyn-Indragiri, Talang Mamak tribe comes from a recessive Pagaruyung customary and religious conflict.

From heaven (Myth)

Meanwhile, according to myth, these tribes are the descendants of Adam to the three that come down from heaven to Earth, precisely on the River Lemons and settled in the River Tunu (Durian Cacar). This is evident from the phrase "Kandal Tanah Makkah, Merapung di Sungai Limau, menjeram di Sunagi Tunu" That's the first man in Indragiri named patih.


Talang Mamak own tribe scattered in the district:

Batang Gansal, Indragiri Hulu, Riau
Batang Cenaku, Indragiri Hulu, Riau
Kelayang, Indragiri Hulu, Riau
Rengat Barat, Indragiri Hulu, Riau
Sumay, Tebo, Jambi: Dusun, Semarantihan Desa Suo-suo


Talang Mamak language (language Sakai) includes Kerinci dialects

Dusun Tuo Datai

To reach the Dusun Tuo Talang Mamak Datai is located in the Upper River and River Melenai Rantau Langsat Village, District Batang Gansal, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Bukit Tigapuluh National Park Territory accessible path Army. Namely through Siberida (Pekanbaru-Siberida 285 km) by using the car for the road to former concessionaires. Or also via the Simpang Pendowo about 2.5 km from the village Keritang, village located in the District Kemuning Indragiri Hilir directly adjacent to Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau. The route as far as 22 km from Simpang Pendowo until well into the border area of ​​Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (TNBT) or also better known Dalex Road, should be done on a motorcycle "man" or a two axle car.

mileage of roads leading to the Tuo Datai Dalex about 6 to 8 km only passable on foot. Although not so far, but do not expect will soon be up. Because, forded field must "climb the mountain the river flows through a beautiful valley." Thus, strong stamina required to take 1 to 3 hours drive.


Usually on a particular day, Talang Mamak tribe will go down to the nearest village, Siberida or Keritang. To sell crops or forest products which they obtained to buy the necessities of life. "But, now we've rarely come down. Forest products is reduced. What we rely on for daily life is the garden, "


Currently, the total population of Lubuk Talang Mamak Tebrau Melenai amounted to 265 people.

Religion and philosophy

Most communities Talang Mamak believe supernatural forces on objects in the vicinity (animism). Some families turn to Islam. They recognize that Islam is their religion, but to worship only in verbal enough alone.
Generally, they live autonomously in the move so that the various problems that exist will be submitted to the village head.
Talang Mamak tribe still thick with indigenous traditions. The example in Gawai ceremony (Wedding Feast), Kemantan (Medicine), mooring Bury (event 100 days of death), and circumcision for boys aged 12 years and over are considered approaching adulthood. So is the house that still shaped stage, as their characteristics, for example. Wooden building with no special room divider screens as well-from the kitchen to the bedroom, so that all goods are still lying becomes a sturdy stand.

Other influences

Overall, their livelihood is farming, rubber tapping, and take non-timber forest products. In addition to hunting or fishing as well. However, now seemed deserted Dusun Datai and many houses are not maintained anymore. "Now many who left his home, could be they're opening a new garden or also go looking for Jernang,".


Although they live traditionally, but for reliable medical problems as well. The results of Biota Medika Expedition (1998) show Talang Mamak tribe able to utilize 110 species of plants to treat 56 types of diseases and identify 22 species of medicinal mushrooms.

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