Java Rhino's

Elasmotherium (extinct)
Rhino  are five species of animals of the family Rhinocerotidae, order Perissodactyla all of which came from Africa or Asia. This family has the characteristics: large size, could achieve more than a ton; one or two horns in the middle of the forehead, which, when totaled two, one located in front of the other (not side by side); herbivores; skin thick, 1.5 - 5 cm , formed from layers of collagen. Rhino has the sense of hearing and smell the sharp, but can not see far. Most of the rhinos can live beyond 40 years.

Although including herbivores, rhinos are dangerous animals. In India and Nepal, rhino is a major cause of human mortality, exceeds the amount caused by tigers and leopards. Rhino even been known to attack elephants carrying tourists.

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