Peucang Island

Peucang Island is the site most visited by the visitors both within and outside the country. The island with an area of ​​± 450 ha area is equipped with facilities and infrastructure and various natural attractions can be visited by tourists. Existing facilities on the island Peucang include lodging, information center, docks, and so forth.

Peucang Island is the site most visited by the visitors. Peucang island has a distinctive characteristic of white sand and a vast expanse. Natural attractions that can be enjoyed on the island include tracking into the Coral Copong, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Wildlife viewing can be enjoyed with a cross into the Pastoral Cidaon Padang which takes ± 15 minutes using a small boat with a capacity of 6 (six) people. In this Cidaon we can observe the wildlife attractions such as bison, peacocks, deer, and wild boar. In addition we can also see the historical sites of the Dutch colonial legacy in the form of a lighthouse tower and traces the development of the docks in Tanjung layar and Cibom.

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